About RSSChomp

RSSChomp is a collection of RSS feeds from blogs and websites into a single directory.

Adding your RSS feed to a directory like RSSChomp is a great way to increase the popularity and authority of your site.

Getting readers to subscribe to your RSS feed means that they will be updated whenever you publish a new blog post. This will help increase return visitors to your website.

So how to RSS your blog?

RSS feeds are a great way to spread news, whether it be about a story from your blog, or about product updates for your company. Not only does it build a quality email list for your site but it also helps you target specific groups of people that are more likely to be interested in your topic or object.

RSS feeds usually contain news headlines and content summaries. The summaries include just enough information to keep the reader interested and provide them with knowledge, with out boring them or overwhelming them with too much information. These feeds can be useful to students, co-workers, and customers as well. Students use feeds to keep each other up to date on current school events and certain due dates, as well as co-workers. Whereas larger companies have started using RSS feeds to attract the attention of customers that may be interested in their products.

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